A valuer member can participate in the CEP programme conducted by any RVO and would be provided credit for the same

Date 9 December 2019 (Monday)

The manner of taking CEP by a RV shall be flexible in the initial years, it can be spread over a period of one year or may be taken at one instance. The Board will review this after 18 or 24 months

Date 9 December 2019 (Monday)

Transfer of Membership from one RVO to Other

Date 28 January,2020 (Tuesday) Download

Findings of the first Peer Review Workshop held on 14th Feb 2020.

Date 14 February,2020 (Friday) Download

Report of the Committee of Experts to Examine the Need for an Institutional Framework for Regulation and Development of Valuation Professionals

Date 15 April 2020 (Wednesday) Download

Preliminary Analysis Of Valuation Reports

Date 7 July,2020 (Tuesday) Download

It was clarified that only the RVOs which have enrolled members, in compliance with provisions of Rule 12(2)(e), shall organize CPE

Date 7 July 2020 (Tuesday)

IBBI Guidelines on Online CEP and MEP dated 10th July 2020

Date 10 July,2020 (Friday) Download

Format for publishing information of Registered Valuers on the website of the RVOs

Date 07 October 2020 (Wednesday) Download

Meetings of the Disciplinary Committees and Appellate Panel of RVOs

Date 5 November 2020 (Thursday) Download

CEP to be conducted by RVOs under Rule 12(2)(e)

Date 8th January 2021 (Friday)
In the 35th meeting with MDs/CEOs of RVOs held on 07th January 2021, it was decided that, in compliance with the provisions of Rule 12(2)(e), only the RVOs which have registered valuers as members, shall organise CPE. To avoid any inconvenience to the RVs who have undertaken CPE before this date, it was decided that the RVs that have taken part in CEP before 07th January 2021 will be given CEP credit by the RVOs. Henceforth, only the RVOs which have RVs in the specified asset class shall organise CPE for that asset class.

Compliance of CPE hours by RVOs

Date 07th July, 2021 (Wednesday)

It was observed from the CPE compliance reports received from the RVOs that many RVs had not completed their CPE requirements for the FY 2020-21. The issue was deliberated at length, and it was felt that during the last year the pandemic had caused disruption to the lives and livelihoods of many and normal life was badly affected in large parts of the country.

The RVOs were, thereof, of the opinion that a lenient view may be taken, in view of the special circumstances. The RVOs suggested that the CPE requirements for the two financial years may be clubbed so that an RV may do CPE of 32 hours by 31st March, 2022 to meet their CPE compliances for FY2020-21 and FY 2021-22. It was decided that this would be examined by the authority.

Compliance with COP requirements

Date 07th September, 2021 (Tuesday)
It was clarified that if a Registered Valuer is practicing, he is required to obtain a COP, and if not, the COP may be surrendered.

CEP Update

Date 07th September, 2021 (Tuesday)
As discussed in the 40th monthly meeting, the CPE requirements by RVs were examined by the IBBI and it was decided that an RV shall undertake a minimum of 10 credit hours of CPE in each financial year and a minimum of 48 credit hours of CPE in each rolling block of 3 years. This would be reviewed after the close of the current rolling block of CPE, that is, 2020-2023.

Findings of the workshop for Peer Review of Valuation reports.

Inspection of Registered Valuers by the RVOs

Date 07th October, 2021 
RVOs were advised to conduct inspections of their respective Registered Valuers. It was deliberated to conduct inspections in proportion to their number of Registered Valuers.
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