Important Announcements in Monthly Meeting of IBBI with RVOs

National Online Quiz on Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code, 2016 from 1st July 2020 – 31st July 2020.

“No individual who is part of the management team or the Governing Board of the RVO has been disqualified from taking up the valuation assignment under provisions of any statute”.

Findings of the workshop for Peer Review of Valuation reports.

CEP to be conducted by RVOs under Rule 12(2)(e)

Date 8th January, 2021 (Friday)
In the 35th meeting with MDs/CEOs of RVOs held on 07th January 2021, it was decided that, in compliance with the provisions of Rule 12(2)(e), only the RVOs which have registered valuers as members, shall organise CPE. To avoid any inconvenience to the RVs who have undertaken CPE before this date, it was decided that the RVs that have taken part in CEP before 07th January 2021 will be given CEP credit by the RVOs. Henceforth, only the RVOs which have RVs in the specified asset class shall organise CPE for that asset class.
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